Glorious Guide for the GF Newbie

A good many of our customers are people who are newly diagnosed with either Celiac Disease or think they have a gluten sensitivity. Many are looking for some direction and reassurance. To help, we offer a Glorious Guide for the GF Newbie

#1 Don't go off gluten before you do bloodwork. If you are off gluten for too long and then have blood work done to determine if you have Celiac Disease, two things can happen;
a) You get a false result or b) The doctor will have you ingest large amounts of gluten to get accurate blood results. If you had been feeling better, this will be a torture session.

#2 Take a deep breath! Yes, it is a big lifestyle change, but hey.. this illness can be stopped simply by changing the way we eat! No medicine!

#3 Shop our bakery with your normal eating patterns in mind. What do you enjoy for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snack and sweets? Two of our bakers (me as one) have to eat this way, so we designed our products around what we were missing. If I don’t bake it, then I try to find products to sell that fills that need.

#4 Think outside the lunch box. An American lunch is probably the hardest meal to replace gluten free. We bake lovely Italian Baguettes, Sub Rolls, Wraps and Sandwich Circles. Is it your typical lunch? For most, probably not, yet they are delicious alternatives, especially when combined with salads, yogurts, soups and other lunch friendly foods. For those really married to the idea of sliced bread, we carry two brands of traditional sandwich breads.

#5 Read labels & use apps to help you shop gluten free.
Go ahead and use your phone right from the grocery store or pharmacy to check on whether a product contains gluten free (remember to check lipsticks and toothpastes!) Most companies have product information and answers online.

#6 It's ok to feel sad. You're experiencing a real “loss” (especially for us foodies!) but only at first. Take heart! Nowadays, you can find replacements for almost everything you enjoy, and the taste and textures have dramatically improved. Of course, when you shop with us, that’s obvious! Before you know it, living gluten free won’t be such a bad thing. When people start feeling good again, they don’t even cheat. It's amazing, even the little kids say this.

#7 Join groups & organizations: the Gluten Intolerance Group, the Celiac Sprue Association and the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia are wonderful, supportive associations that give you reliable, safe information -- worth every penny!

#8 Treat yourself! Go ahead, buy that delicious cupcake or cookie calling to you! It will make you feel “normal” and that you aren’t missing out. Many of our treats are in small portions so you can take them along and enjoy them-- rather than scowling your way through dinner’s final course. Our goods are all designed to freeze beautifully, so you can pull out one cookie or one cupcake, when the occasion calls for it -- and treat yourself -- Yes!!