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Thank you for five wonderful years!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank my customers who keep us here! A very special thank you to all the customers who actually braved my dog and made appointments to come pick up food from my home when we were first starting out. In those days, Fried Chicken and Turkey & Bean Burritos were part of the offerings!  I guess it's like everything in life, we change and evolve, partially from what we want, partially from what our customers want, and partially what the government dictates. It's been a heck of a ride and a pleasure sharing it with you all!

~ Kathie Schwarz



Welcome to Gluten Free Gloriously! We bake fresh a wide variety of amazing gluten free foods daily! I am proud to say our products are the closest thing in both taste and texture to "gluten foods." We have items made without wheat, barley, oats, rye and usually soy. We cook all day and freeze at the day's end to offer you the freshest food possible. Everything is designed to defrost easily and to taste fresh. 


Our food is created for it's flavor, texture and taste. It is not necessarily for the weight-conscious or cholesterol-conscious person. Our mission is to enhance our limited eating experience and bring joy back to our palates!




October 25th was our 


We have incredible fun creating gluten-free foods and meeting so many people! To celebrate, we will have a monthly cake raffle running until October 2015! One customer will be awarded a custom shaped cake that reflects the season. For every $10 spent, you will receive a raffle ticket. We will draw a winner at the end of each month. A Turkey Cake will be awarded the week of Thanksgiving! 


Your favorite desserts & breads appear right before your eyes!


Apple pies, brownies, flatbreads, Italian baguettes, muffins, cookies, and specialty cakes are created in our bakery, right on Main Avenue! Enjoy the sights, sounds and (especially!) the smell of treats fresh from the oven of our bustling little shop! 



We had a visit from blogger Gluten Free Guidette 
at the EXPO who love Gluten Free Gloriously!
Check it out. 



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