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I am gluten intolerant.  
I’m a very lucky woman. Yep, lucky.

With all the serious illness in the world that requires pills, shots or invasive procedures, all I have to do is eat the delicious foods I prepare to stay healthy.


In 2001 I didn’t feel so fortunate when I was told I had Celiac Disease. All I could focus on was what I couldn’t eat, and the substitutes amounted to Styrofoam with an aftertaste. I grieved and cried and then I cooked. I cooked and cooked and cooked some more until I perfected my favorite foods gluten free. My taste buds weren’t the only thing loving my new diet, so were my legs and other muscles. I was able to put my cane aside and walk without, and actually exercise a little. Even after I found I did not carry the Celiac gene, I found gluten was like a toxin to my body hurting my digestive system, my muscles and my nerves so I remained on my delicious path of health. I shared my treats with friends and before I knew it our customer base outgrew our home and we opened our shop at 267 Main Ave in Stirling. Now its been more than five years and our line keeps growing!

Our food is designed to taste wonderful to those who only worry about gluten. We use eggs, nuts and butter. We never use artificial sweeteners and rarely use soy. We have developed some products that are no dairy, and no nut (we do use both in our kitchen so we can't say "free" but we are careful.) We never use a premade mix from other companies. All of what we do comes from our heads, hearts and hands. We simply want people who can’t eat gluten to enjoy eating again! Friends and family who don’t need to eat gluten free will happily eat with you. We see it time and again.


People ask us why a lot of our food is frozen. By its chemistry, gluten free goes stale very quickly. When I first began preparing foods for others I made the decision to keep the flavor and texture quality high rather than try to extend a shelf life outside of a freezer. Each of my recipes must meet three standards: it has to taste great, the texture must be smooth and pleasing and the food MUST defrost back to its original qualitiy. If any one of these standards fails, the recipe is not ready for use.

Our customers are literally dancing about the store after sampling our goodies and telling us this is the best pizza, bread, carrot cake, apple pie, and so on that they have ever tasted.  So please, come in, take a bite and join us in living your life “Gluten Free Gloriously!”    ~ Kathie 


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We always knew we were good,
but now its official:
Best Gluten-Free Bakery
in the Tri-State






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